Dr. Sapna Sharma believes in connecting to one's core' the real self,for any desired growth and development or positive change in life.

Today all the focus of the material world is on the 'outside '. This prompts us to work on everything and everyone other than our true self. For the issues problems and tensions that arise from this very 'internal disconnection we slog to find a solution in the 'outside'. And we are always running towards one mirage after another always looking for that something that would bring us peace and happiness.

Based on this beliefs she delivers highly effective motivational lectures and training workshops for all. Some of her standard workshops are presented here:

CUSTOMIZATION: All people are different and so are all circumstances and situations. To suite the needs of most, all of the above topics and sessions are modified and customized after a discussion with the organizers and the promoters.

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"Interaction with Dr. Sapna Sharma is a perfect blend of moral, intellectual and life changing experiences for those willing to self audit and change. Dr. Sapna Sharma's lectures and seminars are a valuable gift to transform one-selves to achieve success. She is unique personality with great knowledge in philosophy, spiritualism and psychology and inspires one to introspect and improve continuously...She has highly practical solution oriented approach which distinguishes her from others. I feel that interaction with Dr. Sapna was one of the most fantastic and beneficial events of my professional life..."

Dr. Shantanu Jog

Company Secretary & HR Consultant

Thank you for the excellent session on relationships. Appreciate your courage to speak to the 30+ participants on a topic which very uncommon in LIC training programmes.

I am sure, You can make difference in the lives of people as a trusted life coach, a trainer par excellence & as a councillor who can rebuild relationships

Wish you very best

Ashok Shetty

SBA, Branch 91V, MDO (Western Zone)